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drawadquadgogold.cf Then it got confusing every time Sarah was around Michael. She had a hard time remembering that she was on earth let alone that there is a reason this vampire is in a "prison". Then a rogue vampire group shows up who have Sarah's sister, Katie. They want Michael because of his blood. He is one of the most powerful vamps and they want that power. Of course all hell breaks loose. Due to the MC's long explanations of her emotions I skimmed through a bunch. That probably didn't help my understanding but it was like "Get to the damn point already!

She made it to my How am I even standing your BS list. I want to just bang my head against the wall. I know I will lose brain cells faster this way. Harsh I know but that is totally my feelings right now. Apr 01, C. This was a really great story. I fell in love with the characters and definitely had a hard time putting it down. I do wish that it was longer, but only because I couldn't get enough.

I can't wait to find out what happens next! Oct 15, Sheri rated it it was ok Shelves: kill-me-now. Like a bad cup of coffee Weak, thin, absolutely no jolts or bolts of pleasure. Orphaned in her early twenties, Sarah is running the family Inn. Left with her sister Katie- whom is away at veterinarian school and her aunt-like figure Nelly Her mother is still alive, is a vampire, and she is the new vampire warden.

And this is where it takes a turn from bad to worse. Short-yes Free-yes Either of those make me feel any better? Nope Considered putting into Like a bad cup of coffee Weak, thin, absolutely no jolts or bolts of pleasure. Nope Considered putting into DNF pile on several occasions, pushed through since I do not have such a pile. After completion my first thought was, hmmmm need to get a DNF pile!! Apr 09, Dorsi rated it it was ok Shelves: nook , owned-by-me , paranormal-witchy.

This is a super short story. It was just okay for me. I really wanted to like it as the setting is Brown County, Indiana. I have spent a lot of time in Brown County and I love it there. I have lots of childhood memories there with my dad. I think I would have liked it more had it been longer. It was too short to really get going. I believe that there are going to be more in the series.

My recommendations to the author would be to make future stories longer, make the lead character just a little This is a super short story. My recommendations to the author would be to make future stories longer, make the lead character just a little less annoying, and give some depth to her other characters. Maybe the whole vampire thing is just worn out. What a shame I have loved vampires since I was a child. Jan 13, HungryVampire rated it liked it Shelves: vampires , romance.

Good start with this book. It has great potential, but way too short.

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I wish the author would have kept it a little longer to polish it more. That said, I liked this book enough to recommend it to friends. I didn't feel there was lot of build up to it. I expected it to be this great romance, but it didn't quite get there. Yeah, there were a quite a few spots where there should be something going on, but I was left wishing for more.

I whizzed through this book so fast and moved on, that I forgot Good start with this book. I whizzed through this book so fast and moved on, that I forgot to write a review. Clickbait Really, it doesn't happen much in this book. I wasn't even able to relate to any of the characters. Close to just a clickbait to get the second partm. View 1 comment. I am not in love with this book, it wasn't a quick read I suppose but I did break this book down by getting to chapter 5 before bed and finishing this book in the morning within an hour I would say.

It isn't a long drawn out read which I liked but I think maybe a little fast, often paranormal reads are though. In no way is this book hard to follow unless you're bored which it was a little. I found it slightly annoying how everything is just not explained fully and its a ploy in my opinion to get you to get the next book. Annoying yes but effective - completely.

Now the setting of this book is of course an old run down town and the actual place she lives is a distant farm house or ranch I suppose it is better known for. The feel this book first gave me was it was set in the past about 's and I'm not too sure why perhaps the old fashions house keeper and old wild west feel that this book gives me.

With a family doctor visiting you to give you you're father's last possessions and such. That threw me majorly, and it actually made me disappointed because I wouldn't have minded the book being set in the past like that it may have made it more interesting. However it isn't apparently and it is set in modern day give or take a few years from this review of course. The writing isn't bad, I'm not overally fussed with it. It didn't make me imagine the scene any less or more.

I'm fairly good at imagining my own scene if one is lacking. Lets just say I didn't notice anything wild and amazing nor anything that bad. I wasn't sat there picking out bad punctuation or bad grammar so I'd say the writing is pretty okay. The vocab in which everything is described is just that okay, I think for me to be completely confused for the first 5 chapters on which era this is set in explains quite a bit Events or rather lack of events are both told to us, meaning the author in my opinion doesn't really describe it very well or leads up to it all that great.

It just kind of happens and that is it. Then again nothing is explained in this book so that isn't that suprising. One thing that did bother me is how violent Sarah is, there are scenes where she just punches people and I'm not altogether sure why? If I maybe missed something. Maybe heavy editing on this book edited out too much Sarah is okay, I actually sort of like her, I like her sass with her ex and the fact she isn't perfect.

She has a temper which you see the punching thing is odd, I confess but she doesn't take much crap from anybody which is nice. There is also no instant love in this first book, its only pages guys so give the author time I'm not that bothered about what happens to the characters if I'm honest, I'm curious about the things we don't know about. Questions like why is Sarah a Warden and things surrounding that which I won't say for spoilers.

I want to know about what happens next but I'm also not that fussed if Sarah gets hit my lightning either. I don't like her or dislike her, she was just the story teller and that is pretty much it. I hope the author does improve the next book to show the scene, to make us understand what is going on and why its going on as at the moment nothing seems to be happening?

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Summary Good Points -Vampires - Some action kind of - Mystery - No Instant love connections, but there are connections Not so good points - Very short - The action isn't that good - Slightly predictable - Going to be a love triangle, my bones can feel it Wonders why she doesn't know what to do. But instantly knows how vampires work. He's in it about 10 pages and barely then. View 2 comments. May 08, Mandy rated it liked it.

I really thought the premise of this book was unique. Humans being set to be caretakers of bad vampires, the wardens of vamps who misbehave- love it! Overall, this book was enjoyable and left me salivating for more. I will definitely be checking out the next installment. I really liked Sarah. She was a tough, no-nonsense woman. She was always honest, never beat around the bush, and took no crap from anyone. I really enjoyed that about her. Unlike, her over-emotional sister, who I think went a li I really thought the premise of this book was unique.

Unlike, her over-emotional sister, who I think went a little overboard… The characters were overall well-developed, though there are a lot of questions still unanswered about where some of them come from, how much they each knew of the past, and who can be trusted. As for the plot, at times it felt like the characters knew things that had not been revealed to the reader, like the author knew the details and just kind of forgot to write them in. The relationship between Michael and Sarah, which I feel has great potential, felt rushed. I felt like they needed more scenes before her confusing feeling started.

And do we ever find out why Alex was found unconscious and bleeding on the side of the road in the beginning of the book? How did the rogue group know that Sarah knew? And who was the mastermind of the rogue group? A couple things in the climax scene confused me and I hope they will get answered better in the next book. Her descriptions draw you right into the story and by the middle, I felt like I was there. I had trouble in the beginning, however, because I felt like the plot was sluggish and I was instead focusing on grammatical errors and choppy sentences.

By the middle - I was no longer noticing these things, instead focusing on the story. I assume these would be taken care of with the help of a professional editor. In summary, I liked the idea of this book and it was a fun read. SJ Wright is a new author and I want to try and sample as many new voices as possible especially if they are a buck on Amazon for Kindle.

With this said, the story has promise. We have a young woman, Sarah, who discovers that her family's farm has a meadow that has been cursed or blessed to be a place for vampires to rest for long periods of time. You know, go to ground like in Anne Rice books.

Gener 31, words Generations ago, some vamp made an agreement with an Indian Shaman or similar type to ward a patch of land to protect him while he slept. This is now a meadow and focal point of the story. You know, vamps check in but check out is at the discretion of management. Our heroine has inherited the land upon the death of her father and is now being told of her job as warden. You see, one of the vamps in the meadow is not there by choice, he is a prisoner. His name is Michael and he is the most interesting thing in the book.

Before we know it, everything cumulates into a barrel of snakes. We are left wondering What did super vamp Michael do to get locked in meadow? What is Alex?

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What is the Council? What other supernatural beings live in or around Sarah's world because the vamps imply there are others? What happened to Sarah's mom. What's the doc upto? Where did the horse run off to? You get the drift. The story ends abruptly and not necessarily neatly. I did not fall in love with the book for several reasons. It's not a book, it's an essay. It's too short.

It has a YA feel not because Sarah is 23 but because I don't see any sex happening outside of her mind. Sarah is annoying in that she runs off bodily, verbally, or with her fist anytime she gets frustrated so she never gets any answers. She is also a little stupid too. She is left a journal by her father that tells everything but she can't seem to find the time to read it after she learns vamps are real.

According to Amazon, this is a three part series. If the next installment is an actual book, I may read it but no more of this 31, word crap. If you are a YA fan or someone who doesn't mind waiting for an unknown writer to finish her body of work, I recommend you try this cheap read.

I meant it when I said, there is potential in it's humor and interesting cast of characters. That's why 3 stars. Apr 13, Naomi rated it really liked it. J Wright. This book was a delectable and great read. Sarah Brightman is an independent and strong willed young woman. Her mother left her and her sister when she was little and now their father has died. The family business, a bed and breakfast, has been passed over to Sarah whilst her sister, Katie, continues her studies at a college far from home.

I really enjoyed this book. Both are gorgeous, charismatic, charming and endearing. Michael has this way of winning you over and making you think that he has done nothing wrong, whereas the other vampire has been nothing but helpful to Sarah but at the same time keeping a lot of secrets from her that she ends up figuring out on her own and blowing up about. My favourite moments were the flashbacks that Sarah got. She needed some convincing which I found quite realistic. Pretty sure if I did, people would think I was a lunatic and cart me off to the nut house.

Everything seemed to flow easily and was a nice light read. Overall, I would recommend this book to everyone except for young children. Excellent read for a teenager and young adult enthusiasts alike. I have not been paid for this review and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion. Apr 05, Tishia Paperback Opinion rated it really liked it. This was a really good story! Sarah, who has no idea that vampires even exist, has the job of Vampire Warden fall into her lap after her father dies from cancer.

Ok, so you would think that since this job falls to the next person in line in the family, the fact that vampire exist wouldn't have been kept from Sarah. Not only does Sarah have to deal with this whole new world she's been pushed into, she also has to deal with the recent death of her father, the fact that her mother isn't really dead This was a really good story!

Not only does Sarah have to deal with this whole new world she's been pushed into, she also has to deal with the recent death of her father, the fact that her mother isn't really dead - she just left, her sister being in danger, the regular family business to run, etc She has a lot on her plate right now and you can't help but feel for her.

A mysterious guy named Alex shows up at the Inn that Sarah now runs, saying that her mother sent him there to help her. She also is dealing with this attraction she is starting to feel toward Michael - the vampire she is supposed to guard who is equally as mysterious as Alex. There wasn't any romance in this book, which I was a little disappointed about, but I predict that will be coming in the next novella. I am sort of seeing a love triangle coming, but I guess I will just have to wait and see. There are also a lot of unanswered questions hanging, so I am definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next!

I recommend this book to teen OR adult readers of the paranormal genre. Sep 16, Shelly rated it liked it. This is a fun short story. It's also a fast read. However, it took me a month to finish because I had more interesting books to read beside this one. Sarah's 23 life was peachy and carefree - that her mom died when she was 9 until her dad died of cancer.

She finds herself taking over the family's Woodhaven Inn because her dad assumed she would. While her younger beautiful sister gets to follow her dreams and do whatever she wants to do. Now, if you think that all of the sudden changes in Sa This is a fun short story.

She gets her dads journal handed over and what she discovers in there.. Well, humans as wardens for vampires? I thought that idea was original. I really really wanted to find out why they used people to do this job. It could've been amazing if it was longer with more content. I might read the sequel one day.. Apr 28, Beverly rated it really liked it. My thoughts: This was a fast read. It is mysterious and intriguing. I really enjoyed the characters! Michael is so interesting! What is really going on? Alex is great! What is his story for real?

How does he know Michael? Where does this budding friendship between he and Sarah go? Speaking of Sarah Tough and determined. I can't wait to find out what she does with her new job as The Vampire's Warden. I get the impre My thoughts: This was a fast read. I get the impression that her and Michael will be changing the way things have been for the last hundred years.

The ending is shocking! Total cliffhanger!!! CAN'T wait for book 2! I will be checking out the final stop on the blog tour where we will be getting a sneak peek at book 2. I enjoyed the story, but feel like it could have been fleshed out in places. I finished with questions - loads of questions. Some of those questions I am sure are left unanswered so that the reader is looking for the next book in the series, but I felt that there were some holes. All in all though a really entertaining read! Be sure to check it out! Nicely written with its own creative twist on the ya vamp genre!

You should give it a chance I'm gonna do that with book 2. Because a foot away from me stood a Nicely written with its own creative twist on the ya vamp genre! Sarah Brightman reads her grandfather's journal in stunned disbelief. What was once her grandfather's responsibility has passed to her father and now to her. She has become the Warden.

Her life will never be the same. May 06, Shanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: pdf. This was the perfect "appetizer" The concept is different from most books of it's kind, giving it a unique appeal. After an introduction to these great characters I look forward to reading more Undead in Brown County. To me, this book read like a short story or a novella. I started reading it, got completely absorbed and then I was done. I thoroughly enjoyed it and at the end was left with a great cliffhanger. I cannot wait until the next book in the series is released. This book was awesome.

I started it yesterday morning and finished last night. I couldn't put it down. I really liked now you didn't have to look up a word because you didn't know it and it even made you feel fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend this book. May 21, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: i-own , nook-books , , lendable-nook-books , short-stories. The book left me underwhelmed I think the write should of just held off and included all the short stories together. Mar 30, Annabel rated it it was amazing. Apr 07, Melissa Levine rated it did not like it Shelves: para-super-steam-other.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Just move on to your next book, no point in stopping to read this. Inside The Wild Wild West. Cypress, California : Cangey Publishing Co. Days of Thrills and Adventure.

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New York: Collier Books. Archived from the original on Categories : Lists of American fantasy television series episodes Lists of American science fiction television series episodes Lists of American Western television series episodes. Hidden categories: Episode lists with row deviations. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Richard C. Gilbert Ralston. This episode the series' pilot is formatted differently from all the other episodes of the series. It is the only episode that features the opening credits before the teaser, the only first season episode that features the commercial art break in a cartoon fashion the remainder of the first season episodes featured them as a textured photograph , and the only episode to place a commercial art break in the bottom center picture.

This is also the only episode to feature James Gregory as President Grant. William Witney. George V. Schenck and William Marks. Bernard L. Miguelito Loveless, along with the doctor's two assistants, the lovely Antoinette and the mute and simple-minded giant, Voltaire.

Loveless is planning to take over California from control of Governor Newton Booth , which the doctor claims rightfully belongs to him through his mother's venerable Ranchero family line. Oliver Crawford. It is also the only episode whose title starts without the article "The. The trail leads to the leader of the gang: Captain Ansel Coffin, a blind man seeking revenge. His gang uses false lights to lead ships astray, crash them, and then plunder them.

Even more unusually for the series, it happens onscreen, two separate times: to Crystal in the first act, and to Oriana in the fourth act. Irving J. Their only clue: A set of fingerprints found on the ankle of a pretty secretary. Moore and writer Henry Sharp made their debuts on the series with this episode; Moore directed more episodes than anyone else, and Sharp - who became story consultant from season two - also received writing credit on more episodes than any other contributor.

William Tunberg and Fred Freiberger. Jim and Artie find that things are not what they seem to be. This is the only episode where the commercial break freeze-frames arrive in the exact reverse order of the opening titles, and also one of only two episodes other than the pilot with a freezeframe order that's never repeated - the other is season two's "The Night of the Cadre". West is lured into a ghost town filled with lifelike dummies, where Loveless is hatching his latest scheme: the surgical alterization of Janus , one of his assistants.

Once done, Janus would look exactly like James West. Philip Saltzman and Jason Wingreen. Although Henry Beckman plays two roles, in the end credits he is only listed as playing the Governor. Robert V. Barron and Jack Marlowe. President Grant. John Launer Mayor , Phyllis Davis Saloon Girl After being crippled in an explosion that he blamed on the other men of his regiment, Colonel "Iron Man" Torres has rebuilt himself as a 19th century " cyborg ".

He is now seeking revenge on those he thinks wronged him — including President Grant. A coolie on the docks Gen. Sumatra, an armaments expert. Their trail leads them to a British ex-colonel who is planning to take over the Chinese throne. Jim and Artie are assigned to bring him in. This time he's using exploding toys as part of his scheme to make California a kingdom for children.

However, this would be the final appearance of "Voltaire" in the series, although Kiel turned up in another role in the episode "The Night of the Simian Terror. Lake An attack on a Supreme Court justice leads West and Gordon into a mysterious underground lair filled with deadly life-size marionettes. Richard Donner.

Rick Grimes

A street preacher Jeremiah P. Threadneedle, dealer in ladies' corsets Aged prison executioner. The prince insists on visiting a plush spa, only to find that assassins are eagerly awaiting his arrival. This is one of only four episodes where the commercial break freeze frames arrive in the same order as the main title; the others are "The Night of the Man-Eating House", "The Night of the Deadly Blossom", and "The Night of the Winged Terror, Part 2".

Ralph Senensky. Hernandez del Valle Santiago y Sandoval Old lady running a cantina. He has mastered a formula that can make him move so quickly that he becomes invisible to the naked eye. Loveless for the fourth time. The doctor has now invented a hallucinatory drug which, when used on Jim, makes him believe that he has shot and killed Artie. Leonard Falk is the real-life father of Robert Conrad. We sought words and images to convey that style … baroque, outre, tiffany hues, rich crimsons and forest green, all in the mystery of chiaroscuro.

Charles Bennett. Aide to President Juarez. Apart from one sentence in the teaser, Richard Pryor playing a ventriloquist and the voice of his dummy does not speak with his normal voice for the entire episode. The Michael York in this episode is not the famed British actor. In the teaser watch for Artie being Jim's martial arts partner-while dressed in a Chinese Armour with a Japanese sword. Edward Di Lorenzo. Loveless, whose latest diabolical invention involves a powder that miniaturizes people.

Jim West and an Indian princess are among his victims. Will a cat bring about the end of Agent West? Dr Loveless appears as a Sheriff of a "ghost town". Faustina has created human-like robots that are walking time bombs. One of them looks exactly like Jim West and another like Artemus Gordon. Martin was an excellent fencer, which came in handy for the swordfight with the musketeer at Madri Gras. The trickier stunts were performed by Dave Sharp. Dirk DeJohn, gem expert Mr. Spock type. She claims that her ship needs gold for fuel.

This was also the first episode produced after Michael Garrison died. Wynant Pinto The town of Justice, Nevada, is hangout for a group of international criminals headed by Lucrece Posey, who is planning on leading her group into a world-wide criminal organization-her gang is made up of a pyromaniac; a thuggish pugilist; a South American Assassin; a Cowboy outlaw; an explosives expert, a mad Cossack and a Confidence Man. Unfortunately for them a certain two secret service agents on vacation happen to be passing through, and it's up to the pair to battle them into submission.

Convict;Pierre Gaspard, former legionnaire. Jim and Artie infiltrate a prison to rescue a fellow agent from a vicious commandant.

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The DVD packaging for TF1 Video's region 2 release of the series gives script credit for this episode to three writers: Edward di Lorenzo, Lew Garfinkle the only one of the three to have no on-screen credit on any episode and Leigh Chapman. Loveless aka Robin Hood of Sherwood forest, whose latest scheme involves a chemical that kills plant life and a suit of medieval armor.

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Undead in Brown County Boxed Set book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This contains all four books of the Undead in Brown. Undead in Brown County Boxed Set #1 eBook: S.J. Wright: abotebuhec.tk: Kindle Store.

While resting for the night, Artie has a strange dream where he, Jim, and the sheriff chase their prisoner to an old abandoned mansion which is haunted by the spirit of a dead woman — with a Twilight Zone twist ending. This episode features the smallest cast of the entire series, with the two guest stars the only other people besides Robert Conrad and Ross Martin who appear.

In reality, however, he is tracking down a secret league of assassins. Shimon Wincelberg. Duelist Jack Maitland no make-up, but a different character. White Robber , Howard Wright Professor Jim and Artie encounter Colonel Vautrain, a crippled, legless former Confederate officer who has mastered the ability to travel through time. His plan is to go back in time and alter history, thus not only restoring his legs but also having the Confederate Army win the war—by killing Ulysses Grant.

Elon Packard and Norman Hudis. Raven, who is developing a secret weapon and also a member of a tontine , i.


This time around the count is attempting to acquire a wind-up bird that contains the Philosopher's Stone. Events take an interesting turn when Jim follows the trail to a gypsy camp. Russian immigrant Theodore Rimsky. In the course of their duty the two are drugged and end up in Russia—or so it seems. A Jewish tailor. Their investigation pits them against an evil super-genius.

Loveless for the seventh time. His latest invention can transport real people in and out of the two-dimensional world of paintings. Meanwhile, Gordon is escorting President Grant to dedication of a statue of the late Colonel Wayne Gibson in the very same town. Daniel Mainwaring. The deaths of four military officers and the mysterious sinking of the cruiser Youngstown lead them to believe that the king's life may be in danger. Can Jim stop Trask from turning President Grant into a mindless zombie? However, the evil Talamantes with a pack of werewolves has kidnapped Stefan's daughter, Leandra, and will only release her if Stefan renounces the throne.

Loveless is back for the eighth time with yet another plan to rule the world. His scheme this time around uses mock-ups of the prisons, armories, and the United States Treasury to train his henchmen to take over these resources upon his command. Dr Loveless not only appears as the "evil Sheriff" but also as a brilliant parody of a "Movie Director" directing rehearsals of crimes! I had a high-temporal concussion and a 6" linear fracture in my skull. The last two episodes of that season were cancelled. Constitution document has been stolen by a dangerous revolutionary named Victor Freemantle.

West and Gordon are sent to Texas to recover it. In a twist ending however, our heroes find Freemantle is not the mastermind behind the plot! Edward J. Their plan is to return to Texas with the assassin they have captured, but first they must deal with the merciless Colonel Barbossa. While there, they meet up with the beautiful femme fatale , Triste, and also Miguelito's "next of kin", Dr. Liebknicht, [25] a Swiss neurologist who strikingly resembles his nephew. Loveless and the only one from the third season. Denne Bart Petitclerc. However, after their arrival the horse is stolen by a group of outlaw bandits, jeopardizing the relationship between the two countries.

Incidentally, Jim tells Sordo that he's never met President Juarez - yet the two did indeed meet in season two's "The Night of the Eccentrics"! Gunnar Hellstrom. State Department is returning a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner, a Japanese prince, the sword is stolen by a group of assailants. To avoid damaging U. After a series of various encounters with those after the sword, Jim faces the villain in a dramatic sword fight. James B. After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover information that points to a frame-up.

Max Ehrlich. Marvin Chomsky. Robert E. Their leader is Michael Trayne, a vicius killer back in town after three years in jail. Their leader seems to be their territorial Governor, but there is a more sinister power behind the scenes of all the illegal activities-the final confration of West and Gordon with the chief villain becomes a surprise twist ending.

Robinson and Ron Silverman. Shortly afterwards, he is recruited by some member of the underworld who seeks to capitalize on his misfortune. This episode features the famous barroom fight scene between Robert Conrad and an uncredited Red West as a stunt double that included West being thrown headfirst into the corner of an upright piano - resulting in an injury to West that required 60 stitches! He awakens in a strange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Emmett Stark, an escaped murderer whom West had imprisoned years earlier — and now Stark wants revenge.

Lawrence Dobkin. Meanwhile, Jim has been injured in the attack on the stage and is struggling with amnesia. Thus, Artie must find both his friend and the vaccine before a full-scale epidemic hits. Gordon helps West literally bring down the curtain on Crotty. Barrows Johann Jim and Artie visit the plantation of a U. Senator who has a mysterious family past that involved a scientist's experiments with apes The weapon used in the attempt was one stolen in recent raids on government and territorial armories.

West and Gordon find that it is a kinetoscope showing Grant actually a double signing a secret agreement with the representative of an enemy nation. Hinterstoisser shows the kinetescope before an attentive crowd but, thanks to West and Gordon, it's not quite what he expects. Crane Mr. Hassan Amir Ortuglo, Arab dealer in exotic weapontry. Huff 4th Guard West and Gordon are assigned to rescue Dr.

Crane and his daughter. The doctor has invented a new "doomsday formula" which could spell the end of the United States if it falls into the wrong hands. An interesting connection between this episode and "The Night of the Golden Cobra" - in both, Simon Scott portrays a man who is obsessed with acquiring land after learning that there is oil beneath it. In an attempt to cure this disorder, their family physician has been kidnapping people afflicted with the same disorder and using them to test a serum he has prepared.

Jackson Gillis. However, they are sidetracked in the home of Rufus Kraus and are pulled into a night of deadly parlor games. Bartlett, is killed, apparently the victim of a strange tentacled sea creature. It soon becomes apparent to them that an insidious threat is behind Bartlett's killing. Vitanza Grady Jim travels to the town of Epitaph to arrest Norbert Plank, the chief bookkeeper for the corrupt and powerful syndicate that owns the town's mining company.

Through Plank, the agents stand to get hold of valuable records about the syndicate's illegal activities. However, Robert Conrad was seriously injured when he fell from a chandelier while filming a fight scene. Production was shut down and not resumed until the following season, by which time Conrad had recovered.

The shot of the fall appears in this episode. Gunnar Hellstrom directed until the shutdown, after which Mike Moder directed the rest of the episode and received sole credit. Captain Hull, formerly of her Majesty's frigate, the Northcumberland. Their trail leads them to Rosie, a beautiful young dancer, who is wearing the ruby on her toe.

Bernard McEveety. The elderly Dr. Crane General Robert E. Their adventures lead them into the underground mines where strange things occur, including an encounter with an aged Confederate soldier who is unaware that the war ended many years before. They receive some dubious help from Bosley Cranston, a meek and seemingly incompetent agent on his first field assignment. However, Cranston has some special talents that will prove invaluable. In his place is Charles Aidman, in the first of four appearances as Jeremy Pike. They discover that the destruction is being caused by a giant tuning fork radiating powerful sound waves.